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סביון שנהר מטפלת ואמנית


I’m Savyon Shenhar.

I’m known with the stage name and pen nam “Savyon”.

Also known as Savyon Fishlovitch Shenhar.   

I'm a performance artist, choreographer, poet, Focusing therapist and artistic consultant. I used to be a dancer for many years. I’m also educated as mathematician, in the field of probability.

Basically, I am a soul that explores itself and the human existence through body, language, therapy and performance. I construct conditions for humanity to perform itself and its complexity, towards new being.


I am a certified Focusing-Therapy professional, working at my home clinic in Jaffa. Focusing is a tool for introspection and transformation.

Choreographer and Performance artist

As a choreographer and performance artist I performed at Acco Festival, Diver Festival, Between Heaven and Earth Festival, Print Screen Festival, Woman Festival, Spring Festival, Bat Yam Museum, Hanina Gallery, Binyamin Gallery, Art Space Gallery, and many more in Israel and Europe.

I won grants, residencies, funds and awards, including the Ministry of Culture's grant for independent choreographers, Mifal HaPais grants, the prestigious DanceWeb scholarship at the Impulstanz Festival (Austria), a residency and a grant from Akademie Schloss Solitude (Germany), where I was a fellow as a performance artist. My studio is as a long-term residency by Tel-Aviv municipality. 


I work as a dramaturge - I accompany artists throughout their process, advise them, manage rehearsals and serve as an outside eye. I use tools from the worlds of therapy to support the process and the artist. I took part as a dramaturge in projects in Israel and Europe.


As a poet I have published two books, I have participated in dozens of poetry events (including the Tel Aviv Poetry Festival, the Sea Poetry Festival of the Writers' Association, etc.) and published in various journals (including Nanopoetica, Maariv, etc.). My poetry book "Min Ain" edited by Daniel Oz and Dori Manor was nominated on the short list of the Snapir alternative poetry award. In Germany, a book of German translations of my poems was published in collaboration with the author Regina Dürig and together we participated in UNESCO's international poetry day in Berlin. I was a resident Kol Ha'ot, where I wrote the poetry cycle Mahuma that was presented at the Jerusalem Art Biennale. For three years I edited the "Shira’a" series of poetry events, hosted the cutting edge of Israeli poetry, quality experimental poetry.


As a dancer I was awarded the status of "Outstanding Dancer" by the Ministry of Culture. I participated in projects of successful choreographers in various platforms, among them Curtain Up Festival, Dance Arena (Ha’Zira) Festival, Acco Festival, Impulstanz Festival, Room Dances Festival, International Exposure Festival, Diver Festival, Gvanim Dance Festival, Between Heaven and Earth Festival, Amsterdam Fringe Festival, Tmuna Theater, Petah Tikva Museum, Bat Yam Museum, Suzanne Delllal Center, Gerard Becher Center, Fabriktheater, and in various other platforms in Europe and Israel.


I developed original technology of live video looper, in collaboration with Eyal Gruss.


I studied “Focusing” at the Mind-Body Center in Ramat Hasharon, and I’m certificated from the International Center for Focusing in New York; I studied at Kelim Choreography Center; I studied at the Vertigo dance program; I am an outstanding graduate of Tel Aviv University with a dual degree in Mathematical Sciences and Social Sciences. I won scholarships and I was rewarded for my work at the Mathematical Sciences School's Honors Ceremony. I continued for M.Sc and was teaching different courses in Tel-Aviv University and in Tel-Aviv and Tel-Aviv Jaffa academic college. I conducted performance and poetry workshops in Israel and Europe. 

I’m based in Jaffa and happily married. I travel through the mighty and wonderful journey called "life".

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סביון שנהר אמנית ומטפלת

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