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Who Am I?

My name is Savyon, I’m a Tel-Aviv based performance artist, poet, dancer and mathematician. I construct conditions for humanity to appear, through multi-layered qualities. My works ranges between the real and the virtual, the fixed and the incidental, the physical and the literal.

But… Who am I?


My name is Savyon. I believe in naïve. I believe in silent, vulnerability, and extravaganza. I believe in question, in the unknown, in danger. I believe in good and god-within-us. I believe in the thinking-feeling-expressing body. I believe we are what we practice. I believe in self multiplicity. I am not afraid of pretentiousness and ambition.

In an era when screens have become our main medium of communication and perception – I believe that insisting on making the (live-organic-vital-intuitive-)human-body *present*, is a political act. At the same time, I am fascinated by exploring and developing new possibilities, and connecting with the zeitgeist of nowadays.

I believe every body is a radical body. Mysterious body. The nature of the body is that once you step into it – it changes and changes you. I believe that the artist’s role is to host in their world. I am aiming for expanding the possibilities of art, blurring the borders between mediums and maybe even between people. I believe in art of giving. I am aiming to share my knowledge and my unknown... As a creator, as a performer and as an audience, I am interested in experiences that make someone look inside in order to look different outside, or maybe make the boundaries between in and out more fluid. Making the inside available. Being more transparent. I am aiming to make my readers and spectators connect to the abstract entity of “self” and other “selves”. My way of doing so is by connecting to my own “self”, or otherness within this “self”, from acknowledging the fact that my perception is limited to my own mind and my own body. And at the same time I remember that a “self” is always full, infinite, fertile and opulent… 

Sometimes I experience a crisis in my belief in art, but I always find the way back to trust it, it’s ability to function within reality (and not alongside reality, not only commenting on reality…), to suspend and to doubt. I believe in the transformative power of art.


"I am for an art that is political-erotical-mystical, that does something other than sit on it's ass in a museum" (Claes Oldenburg) 

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