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Dramaturgy and Artistic Mentoring

סביון שנהר מלווה אמנותית

In addition to my own artistic practice, I work as a dramaturge, artistic consultant and external eye for artists in the fields of dance, performance and visual theater. I have accompanied projects in Israel, Germany, Austria and Italy. I bring with me knowledge, training and experience as an artist, as a performer and as a therapist. My artistic mentorship encompasses various interconnected aspects:

Artistic Layer - dramaturgy, rehearsal management, feedback on performance and choreography, preparing for presentations, conceptual development. Envisioning, realizing, and envisioning anew.

Emotional, Spiritual and Mental Layer - exploring the connection between the work and the artist's personal life, the relationship between the artist and the work, the art world and the project participants. To become closer to the work and to trust it.

Professional Layer - open calls, grants, budget plan, platforms for performing, residencies, how to talk about the work, how to connect with an audience and more.

I facilitate rehearsals, mediate between the creator and performers, provide practical feedback, assist in formulating texts about the works, help developing workshops, prepare for festivals’ presentations, bolster the artists' confidence in their process and embrace of the unknown. Together we embark on a journey  of the work:

I am a certified Focusing professional and integrate it into the studio practice. Focusing is a tool for introspection and reflection. It connects us to our inner wellspring of creativity and knowledge. When artists have questions about the process, doubts, blocks, or feelings of being stuck or afraid - Focusing is a very effective tool.

Selected Projects Gallery

Perforamnce by Eyal Bromberg

Human Possibilities by Eyal Bromberg. PimOff Theater, Milan

יוליה פריידין בוכה על חלב שנשפך.jpg

Crying Over Spilled Milk by Yulia Frydin, Poalot Festival, Aflred Gallery

An image from a performance work by Antje Cordes
Peroformance by Dalia Chaimsky

I don't Know Where My Mouse Is by Antje Cordes, Fabriktheater, Berlin

Ma’ase Gil (Enacting Age) project led by Dalia Chaimsky. Art in community with Inbal Dance Company. Neve Shechter

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