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Other Projects

 English Only    אנגלית בלבד

צילום מסך חתוך

Cave Study 


Site specific, virtual reality, installation, performance event, in Tel-Aviv Museum by new-media artist Daniel Landau with Savyon as choreographer of immersive video, in collaboration with Hadar Mitz, curator: Hagit Werner.

“Space” is an abstract concept. What does it made of? How does it change? How do we perceive space? Inspired by Oskar Schlemmer and Alvin Lucier, we investigated dynamics, proportions, acoustics, textures and movements within space. Like Schlemmer and Lucier, we used the available technologies of our times for new perception of the space. We shot a site specific virtual reality video with dancers, referring to the geometry of the space. The image of the slow unison movement of the dancers seemed like a ritual of a tribe praying for the god of museum. The cables of the VR glasses, charging and transmitting sound a visual seemed like umbilical cords feeding the audience.   The audience watching the video were filmed in real-time and projected onto the wall on a huge screen. The escalators leading to the space were used as the entrance to Plato's cave and the audience itself became "Plato prisoners". The use of real-time virtual reality (using 3D technology) in the performative context created a multilayered, real and virtual performance spaces. 


 Words in Body


Performative therapy act as part of Wake UP Chen project by Chen Cohen at The Refrigerator gallery. Read More

Object Not Found 


DJ poetry set, party for words.

In a performative act combining Dj set, dance and text I offer the audience to listen, to dance, to observe, be together alone and alone together.

Performed in 4florentine gallery, Almacén gallery and alternative night venues.

This Is My Profile


On-going installation performance that confronts the Facebook profile images with the living three-dimensional body. It combines the virtual and the real and displays the tension between them. The resulting image is a non-human and non-machine, a hybrid, or a human trapped in a machine. The body becomes a living exhibition for the portrait photos. The audience keeps shooting and uploading...

The work was produced and performed in Tel-Aviv International Photography Festival

Scribble it Down project (2015) is a collaborative work of art between artists from different mediums. It presents a method that is playful, and believes that the playful activity can support artists in dealing with issues they encounter in the solitary work of their studios. It offers the chance to exchange ideas and thoughts about art and life. In this project I collaborated with photographer Oscar Abosh (together we created photograms) and performed in the opening evening – performance involving body, text and space.


Hanina Gallery, curator: Einat Mogald.

The Assumption Practice


In simultaneous translation to Hebrew, "The Assumption Practice" also means “The Putting Practice”. In this mental-physical practice the score is foretold, but the content is being improvised, responding to the situation. The assumptions of living, thinking, creating, moving are constantly being raised and reconstructed, both for the performer and the observer. Premiered in “AlHamakom. Israeli improvisation” exhibition in Binyamin Gallery and performed also in alternative venues. 


2012, 2016


filmed in Amsterdam (2012),

presented at Re-Search festival (2016).

Non-Haiku for Physical-Mental State

Endless day today

With no beginning

Endless day today



Collaboration with Shira Horesh -  simultaneous performative mystical poetry, performed at the Fun Fun Festival.


The Artist is Reacting


Like Marina Abramovic’s canonical piece, I offer one person at a time to seat in front of me, however I give a physical interpretation, a gesture, a response to the information that appears in the meeting or from the one sitting in front of me.

Performed at The Red House.  

See also "Is The Artist Present".

Haiku - A Breath Sized Gaze Exhibition



Haiku poem is, in fact, one long sentence, but this sentence encompasses the flow of time and history and light. It conveys a meaningful story in so few words. “I think what Japanese designers are attempting to do is to freeze the moment, as we do when we take snapshots with our iPhones and share it with the world” (Oki Sato). The exhibition brought together poets and visual artists in an attempt to interpret the freezing of the moment notion of Haiku, to gaze at the gaze itself, and to frame the Haikus which manifest in our physical and virtual lives which cannot be printed in a book or hung on the walls of a gallery. In this exhibition I presented poems (by reading and by screening) and a video in collaboration with Hadar Mitz.


The exhibition took place in Design Museum Holon, curator: Eran Hadas, at Print Screen Festival.




Ajar in english means

1- slightly open,

2- out of harmony.

So is this work.


Performed at Zigzag Festival, Benjamin Gallery.

The Raffle - Script Roulette (2015) is a practice of creating live video art in which the parameters of its execution are being drawn in real time, while the text is generated as well. The audience witnesses the process of the creation, the platform is exposed, and the performer fulfills the raffle. By drawing randomly from my words and my grammar – The poems generated by the computer are corresponding to my logic, my style and my themes. 


Participated in code-art event Projection at Artists House TLV and in Tel-Aviv Poetry Festival, curator of both events: Eran Hadas.

Border Inspection


Poetry Performances in Armon Shaish gallery, curator: Yoav Admoni.

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