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Joy Bernard Interview with Savyon discussing Agnostica Poetica on Diver Festival | October 2021 | Link

​"During the Renaissance, someone like her would have been called Polymath[...]. We meet in an urban shelter in Yad Eliyahu, which has been converted into a spacious studio, and through our conversation I try to understand how she integrates the multiple worlds in which she moves, what questions do not give her rest, and how everything related to an inner belief in infinity."


- Joy Barnard, translated from Hebrew

סביון שנהר בפסטיבל צוללן

Ilan Berkovitch about “Alone we can be maskless”, on Yekum Tarbut magazine | December 2021 | Link 

"The poem that we’re looking at [...] reflects in a molecular way exactly what has happened to us humans since the virus broke into our lives. [...] The poem develops in this direction of disassembly and assembly and disassembly of the mind, the body and the mathematical concepts that the poet makes use of[...]. The apocalyptic atmosphere that pervades the poem - and perhaps also the entire book as already evident from its name”

- Ilan Berkovich, Translated from Hebrew

סביון שנהר ספר שירה הוצאת ברחש

Hagit Bat-Eliezer about Translucent on YekumTarbut magazine | September 2020 | Link 

“It is a multi-dimensional visual-musical creation of movement, body image, a modern-rebellious concept of time, and a computerized technological wonder. You have to see to believe it”

- Hagit Bat-Eliezer, translated from Hebrew

סביון שנהר בפסטיבל עכו

Linda Gerner on TAZ newspaper about “I Don’t Know Where My Mouth Is” directed by Antje Cordes | February 2022 | Link

​“With a humorous digression into quantum theory, the piece asks what happens to individuals who try to exist in multiple states, analog and digital at the same time[…] performed by the powerful performance artist and dancer Savyon from Tel-Aviv”.

- Linda Gerner, Translated from German

savyon shenhar in fabriktheater

Travel & Trouble | Soft Power - The Role of Independent Art Spaces for the Future of Cultural Exchange | Link

Instructions for a self-guided movement practice, a physical-mental session to experience yourself from new perspectives. 

Schloss-Post Online Art Magazine, Issue No 8.

סביון שנהר סדנה מחול

"This Poem Is a Nomad – Notes on Translating as a Bird", Co-writing with Regina Dürig | Link

In a cocreative process, Regina Dürig and Savyon translated poems from Hebrew to German, cultivating access to the world of the Other through language and articulation. This article reflects on that project.  

good night reading savyon shenhar and regina durig

Roni Shwartz Amilov interview Savyon on Kesem Radio about Piece Of on Woman Festival | Febreary 2020

​“What is circuit time? Can we feel otherness within ourselves? To what extent can we trust our senses? What is real about reality?

Yuval Meskin Interciew Savyon on Kan Radio about Passover Seder Performance | April 2018 

What is the object of discourse? What are the rituals of discourse? Who is allowed to talk? What are the mechanisms of exclusion and removal and what are the mechanisms of preservation and distribution? What are we celebrating?​

savyon shenahr radio interview
סביון שנהר יובל מסקין

Poem of the day on Gam Kan Tarbut

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