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Ongoing performance, experiment in sound, movement and partnership

Collaboration with Yuval Shenhar

Punsch Im Schnee Festival, Solitude (Stuttgart, Germany) | 2018

Wetube performance art intimacy sound art couple

After many years of relationship and mutual artistic accompaniment, the musician Yuval Shenhar and the choreographer Savyon placed themselves in a test tube, literally and metaphorically. They locked themselves in a transparent room and there they put themselves through an experiment - what happens when the two step into each other's medium, into each other's specific materials; What happens to the materials when passed between the performers, how they decompose and reassemble; How a couple meets in the act of art, a different kind of meeting; What are the intimacy, partnership and openness that are possible in that particular space. The audience is watching the act through the glass walls and at the same time through a closed circuit camera that broadcasts the act, similar to an all-seeing big brother house or a crime scene. 

Pictures by Frank Kleinbach

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