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Hi, I'm Savyon Shahar.

I’m known with the stage name and pen name "Savyon". I provide personal guidance in my clinic, artistic guidance in the studio, I am a choreographer and a poet. I am a former dancer. I was also educated as a mathematician in the field of probability. My work is a kind of multidisciplinary entity, which reveals to me different ways to realize myself, to meet and give through them. Here is my story, or at least one way to tell it…

I started my career as a dancer and performer. I was recognized as "Outstanding Dancer" by the Ministry of Culture. I danced for successful choreographers in dozens of projects in Israel and Europe - Curtain Up Festival, Dance Arena Festival, Acco Festival, ImpulsTanz Festival, Room Dance Festival, International Exposure Festival and many more.


In parallel with my development as a dancer-creator, I embarked on my path as a choreographer and performance artist. I think of choreography in a broad sense, “Expended Choreography”, as a tool for the body-mind to explore the human. My works are mostly practice-based and have been presented in Israel and Europe - Acco Festival, Diver Festival, Between Heaven and Earth Festival, Print Screen Festival, Woman Festival and many more theaters, galleries and museums in Israel and around the world. I have been awarded grants, residencies, scholarships and prizes, including Ministry of Culture's grant for independent artists; Mifal HaPais grants; the DanceWeb prize at the ImpulsTanz Festival (Austria); a residency and grant from the prestigious Schloss Solitude Academy (Germany), where I was a fellow as a performance artist.

Thanks to my knowledge and stage experience, I offer artistic, dramaturgical and mentoring support to creators in the fields of dance, performance art and visual theater. The studio accompaniment is a comprehensive assistance in the artistic, professional and emotional levels. I accompany artists in Israel and Europe.

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In parallel to my work in the performing arts, I am also active in the field of poetry. I have published two poetry books, and my poems have been published in literary journals such as Nanopoetica, Ma'ariv, and Conceptual Writing Anthology. My poetry cycle "Mehuma" was exhibited at the Jerusalem Art Biennale; I have participated in dozens of poetry events, including the UNESCO International Poetry Day in Berlin, the Tel Aviv Poetry Festival, and the Sea of Poetry Festival of the Israeli Authors Association. My book "Min Ain", edited by Daniel Oz and Dory Manor, was shortlisted for the Snapir Alternative Prize. A book of translations of my poems into German was published in Germany. For three years, I edited the poetry event series "Shira," where I hosted the cutting edge of Israeli poetry. Currently, I am a member of the editorial board of the journal "Resen" of the Oulipoh research group.

In parallel to all of this, I have been pursuing a path of high education in mathematical sciences, with a focus on probability, since a young age. Here too, I have received awards and recognition. I have a great passion for this type of thinking, and sometimes the scientific concepts and worlds seep into the worlds of creation. And I’ve also developed original technology.

In recent years I had a feeling of something missing. I wanted to make a difference and feel the impact in a tangible way. The impact of art - especially my art, which is so abstract - is a nebulous impact, seeping in deeply and over the long term. I wanted to get closer to you, to meet in person, to really make a difference. I studied in Body-Mind Center and opened a clinic for personal guidance. I found a home in Focusing Oriented Therapy. The things I already think, write, create and believe are at the core of the method, both theoretically and in practice. My work with Focusing is a direct continuation of my work on the relationship between body, language, and consciousness. And within that, the woman I am and the artist I am are an integral part of the therapist I am. To me, being a therapist is like being a creator.

I am working with people who are experiencing psychosomatic symptoms, stagnation, overwhelm, and anxiety. In the clinic, we create a space to get to know our inner parts, to be with them, to explore their needs, to develop relationships with them and between them, to allow them to express themselves and to move forward.

I’m based in Jaffa and happily married. I travel through the mighty and wonderful journey called "life".

Here you can read my CV, detailed with my works and my education.

I am at your service.

Among the organizations I have collaborated with...

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