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Piece Of  

Ongoing New-Media performance | 2019-2020


Produced with the support of Akademie Schloss Solitude (Germany). Performed at Jaffa Well Culture House 2019, Print Screen Festival 2019, Woman Festival 2020 and more.

Performance Art Technology Savyon

In Piece Of Savyon cuts and connects time, space, body, herself, with herself and with the audience. The original Live Video Looper tool she had developed and physical presence join to create an ongoing installation-performance. The work attempts to expand the limits of physics in order to expand the phenomena of “self”, layer by layer, virtual and real. The work is composed in a fractally structure, consisting a score of scenes that repeats itself in a circular manner and each scene consists of a series of actions or movements that also repeat themselves in a circular manner.

The music for the work was created by musician Yuval Shenhar. The music is also researching the act of time distortion.


On this work Savyon constantly examine the tangibility of the body in front of a world of duplications on the projection screen. Savyon touches the boundaries of her body, tries to grasp the texture, the heat, the pulse, its feasibility. She stretches the body, the skin, makes sure she exists, between all the duplications, between layers of reality-reflection-art. In an age where we exist mainly as virtual personas on screens in social networks, the questions that the work arouse - about the tangibility and appearance of the body, where and when the real body ends and the virtual body begins, who serves whom - these are all questions that are more relevant and necessary than ever. The work also deals with epistemological and ontological questions - what is there, how can one know what is there, to what extent can the senses be trusted, what is time, what is space, how they move and how to perceive them - these are all questions that continued with Savyon in different ways for the following projects.

In one of the scenes Savyon takes a close-up of her face as a layer in the looper. After that, she turns to a person in the audience and asks "May I ask for your hand?", she takes a video of their hand as an additional layer in the looper. Now the two-layered image obtained in the screening shows a hand from the audience touching Savyon's face. The audience touches the artist through the art, literally and metaphorically.

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