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choreographer savyon shenhar
Performance Artist and Choreographer

Savyon is a choreographer and performance artist. For her, the body, the creative process and the performative act are spaces for conceptual research and transpersonal emotional research.

Savyon performs in festivals, galleries, museums, and alternative night venues, in Israel and Europe, such as Acco Festival, Diver Festival, Woman Festival, Between Heaven and Earth Festival, Engaging with History Festival (DE), Punsch Im Schnee Festival (DE), Print Screen Festival, Spring Festival, Tel-Aviv Museum, Bat Yam Museum, and many more.  View CV

Savyon was a fellow at Akademie Schloos Solitude (DE) as a performance artist; won the Danceweb scholarship award for promising choreographers and dancers in the frame of Impulstanz Festival (AT); received the “Outstanding Dancer” status by the Ministry of Culture (IL); won Mifal HaPais support; won the Ministry of Culture support for independent artists.  Her studio is located in Tel-Aviv as a long-term residency program by Tel-Aviv municipality.

She studied at Kelim Choreography Center (practice and theory) and at Vertigo Dance Program

She thinks of choreography in the broadest sense, Expended Choreography. For her, choreography is an opportunity for humanity to be, to be embodied and to perform - fully, powerfully and vulnerably. To extract the liveness and the required attention, her works are mostly Practice Based Choreography. Her works touch different contents, take different forms (and non-forms), different modes of expression and different relationships between her and the audience. At the same time, there is a delicate connecting thread that moves between the works, in the fertile field of being, in the interface between the materiality of the body and the occurrence of the body and the spirituality of the body.

Selected Projects

Live Video Looper

Performative Innovative Technology

Between 2018-2020 Savyon developed an original technology in collaboration with Dr. Eyal Gros and consulted by Yuval Shenhar. She called this technology Live Video Looper. Just like music loopers, layers are being recorded and added on top of each other in real time. But here, the object being duplicated is not sound, but video: Savyon performs a movement or action with her body - it is recorded in real time, during the show, this is the first layer. This recording is repeated over and over in the projection. Now Savyon performs another movement or action, it is also recorded. Now the two layers exist together, simultaneously, in the projection. Savyon continues to the next layer, which is also recorded (or maybe not?...) and so on. So, parallel to the living body there is the world of multiple replicated bodies existing in the projection.

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